Job Requisition Approval Workflow

Hassles free job requisition management for any complexity. Automate the whole job requisition process, know exactly who's the next approver in line and have everything digitally documented.

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Job Requisition workflows

JobConvo’s automated process enables the configuration of approval flows. Assigned approvers can be edited at any time.

During the planning phase of talent acquisition, it is important to stay organized by ensuring that all posting information is aligned to your organization’s headcount and budgetary constraints. Requisitions hold all internal information related to a job posting, including allocated headcount, reason for hire, and compensation, and are used to ensure that the jobs for which you are hiring directly map to your organizations’ strategy.

Requisitions digitally documented

Save time by having all the information needed to start a hiring process on the same platform.

If any requirement changes, just save altered data on a file attached to the process.

Requester admin can follow the process from requisition to hire.

Features list

  • Use the standard form or create a custom one

  • Attach documents to job requisitions

  • Define the approval workflow

  • Save templates to use when needed

  • Share requisitions with teammates

  • Easily check requisition status

  • Know who needs to approve next

  • Approve requisitions in batch

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