Enhancing the Recruitment Process

Ensuring Efficiency When Recruiting at Scale

Reduced time-to-hire. Reduced cost-per-hire. Higher fill-rate

Recruiters perform many tasks manually during the hiring process. With JobConvo's automation they don’t have to do theses tasks anymore. Our intelligent recruiting software can automate all the applicants' tasks like: messaging, assessments, interviews and documentation. JobConvo is specially designed for recruiters and hiring manager to free up time to get more done.

Reduce 40% of time while screening

JobConvo’s automated process enables recruiters to save time so they can focus on what they know best

Why recruitment teams should spend time sending messages, managing multiple tools or scheduling job interviews manually while they can automate theses tasks?  Recruiters should spend their time with the right candidates only. 

Misunderstandings about Recruitment Automation

1Recruitment automation software will replace recruiters?
No. With automation and artificial intelligence, recruiters will be able to perform better. Recruitment teams who adapt to the recent technologies and learn how to incorporate automation in their recruitment process will reap the benefits of recruitment automation.

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