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The advantages of a world-class ATS and Recruiting Software as an end-to-end solution

All-in-one Recruiting Software

Artificial Intelligence powered by Recruiting Software. Requisitions approval workflows, job boards integration, pre-assessment tests, video job interviews, candidate onboarding and business intelligence

Talent acquisition teams manage a fast-paced, complex function — from screening, interviewing, training, retention, and more. JobConvo brings the recruiter's purpose front-and-center again: bringing the best talent into your organization. With our comprehensive suite, recruiting becomes easier to manage, track, measure, and automate so your recruiters can get back to what they love doing.

Pre-Employement Tests for any purpose

With JobConvo's pre-assessment tests module, you can reduce the time to fill until 50%

Test candidates for job-specific skills like digital marketing, finance or specific languages, as well as more general skills like critical thinking.

Our unique and customizable tests module allow you to get to know your applicants as real people – not just pieces of paper.

Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

6x more cost-efficient than phone interviews.

Get a high ROI with automation and digitization that allows you to get the job done using far fewer resources.

  • Free up many administrative hours spent on recruitment
  • Easy-to-adopt technology saves you from a steep learning curve
  • Increase the predictive validity of your hires by up to 65%

Cultural Fit Assessment

A cultural fit assessment will help you uncover what is really of importance to your candidates and see how it compares to your company.

Utilizing a cultural fit assessment can increase your retention rates and helps decrease your turnover too.

Compares a candidate’s personal values and preference for organizational culture with the actual culture at your organization.

Get insights about your current culture and shape your culture for the future.

Candidate Onboarding

Our candidate onboarding software is seamlessly integrated into our ATS and designed to provide a great experience for your future employees.

Get your new hires ready before D-Day by inviting them to your candidate portal. Send the offer letter, assign forms, like company policies, tax forms, and other documents beforehand to lighten the burden on their first day. Hires can sign all their necessary documents securely with e-signature functionality.

Business Intelligence for People Analytics

With JobConvo's Business Intelligence software you can visualize your recruiting KPIs through a personalized dashboard.

Get direct access to your recruitment data. Use reporting and analytics to improve your recruiting process.

Know which source attracts the most qualified candidates. Decision making gets easier with the available indicators and filters.

Customize the metrics your business needs to hire the best.

Security & Compliance

Your data is safe with JobConvo

We take data and security seriously at JobConvo. As an industry leader in security, we set high standards for availability and continuity. We’re proud to say we take a proactive approach when it comes to protecting you and your organization.

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Top 20 Most popular Software

SaaSworthy named JobConvo one of the 20 most popular Applicant Tracking Systems and Recruiting Software

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