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How to Build an Agile Workplace to Boost Team Dynamics

O trabalho ágil – uma prática que começou com engenheiros de software que procuravam otimizar a eficiência e melhorar a colaboração entre equipas – está agora a ser adotado e cooptado por muitas indústrias. descobrir.

Internal versus external employer branding: how do they relate?

Your employees play a crucial role in both internal and external company branding.
They can either be advocates of your brand, helping you retain the best talent, or harsh critics, undermining your reputation with potential employees.

Different Employee Types: How To Personalize Your Engagement Strategies

Employee engagement is crucial for workplace productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall business success. However, a vast majority of the global workforce is quiet quitting. In fact, a whopping 85% of employees are psychologically disengaged at work.

Innovative Recruiting: Using TikTok To Engage with Gen Z

TikTok has become a key player in the global social media landscape. It’s a platform for short-form videos used to entertain audiences, engage with others, promote a brand, sell products or services, and more.
But did you know it is a viable platform for recruiting Gen-Z workers? This platform also provides job, career, and networking opportunities.

Writing Effective HR Policies – Simple Steps to Follow

HR policies are the guidelines set by an organization to maintain a smooth workplace functionality. HR procedures are the steps that must be taken to follow the guidelines. Together, both make up a part of HRM (Human Resource Management.)

Building a Candidate Persona for Targeted Recruitment Success

If you want to attract the best candidate for the job, you need to know what you want. One way to ensure recruitment success is by creating a candidate persona. This represents your ideal job candidate and gives you a clear vision of the ideal person for the role. 

7 Ways to Identify and Address Performance Gaps with Employee Feedback Cycles

7 Ways to Identify and Address Performance Gaps with Employee Feedback Cycles

It’s common sense: an employee should receive recognition for their work and have their voices heard by management. Statistics back it up too.

Yet, a company with well-maintained, effectively implemented employee feedback cycles remains a rare thing to find. These days, there is truly no excuse for this since there are so many digital tools and software that can streamline and largely automate the process.

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