Get the Most Out of Your Rapid Hiring with Large-Scale Recruitment Software

Large-Scale Recruitment Software is an invaluable tool for businesses when it comes to rapidly hiring new employees. Not only does it streamline the recruitment process, but it also offers automated recruitment tasks to maximize efficiency. Additionally, JobConvo's software is customizable, making it easy to target specific job candidates and has the capability to track the recruitment process from start to finish, giving increased visibility into the process.

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Drive Results with Business Intelligence in Recruitment

Increase Your Hiring Productivity with an End-to-End Recruiting Platform

JobConvo is a powerful end-to-end recruiting platform that helps companies unlock the potential of their recruitment process. With JobConvo, you can streamline your recruitment and gain a competitive edge over other companies. JobConvo helps you optimize your hiring process and accelerate your recruiting by eliminating manual efforts

Eliminate Manual Efforts with Screening Filters and Automation

High volume recruiting can help you move beyond the traditional applicant tracking system and hire great people quickly and efficiently.

By leveraging an intuitive platform with powerful tools, you can empower hiring managers to engage with candidates and find the perfect match. With the right screening filters and automation solutions, you can streamline your recruiting process, save time and effort, and maximize your recruitment resources. With the right platform, you can quickly move beyond the applicant tracking system and focus on finding the right candidates to join your team. Investing in an intuitive platform that empowers hiring managers can help you take your recruiting to the next level.

All of JobConvo's ATS can do for you

JobConvo's applicant tracking system (ATS) ensures that jobs receive the right candidates and applications by employee referrals are transparent. This facilitates comprehensive reporting and helps you optimise your referral strategy. Ensure a continuous candidate and recruiter journey, from the initial job requisition until the candidate onboarding. Employees receive updates regarding the status of their referrals.

  • Job Requisition Management

  • Talent Pools

  • Job Board's Integration

  • Large volume filtering

  • Pre-Assessment Tests

  • Pre-Recorded Video Job Interviews

  • Share candidates in short listings

  • Cultural Fit

  • MBTI

  • DISC

  • Candidate Onboarding

  • Third-party integrations

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