A Reliable Tool for Assessing Hard Skills

Pre-employment tests for hard skills

JobConvo's recruiting software is designed to evaluate a candidate's proficiency and knowledge in many specific areas. Our customers can apply tests to evaluate programming knowledge, languages proficiency or specific subjects like marketing or finance

A Customized Pre-Assessment Tool

Tailored to meet the unique needs of hiring teams and candidates

Our customized pre-employment assessment software is a powerful and efficient tool that allows recruiters to gain a deeper understanding of job candidates' qualifications and skills, allowing them to make informed hiring decisions that align with their specific needs and requirements.

All of JobConvo's ATS can do for you

JobConvo's applicant tracking system (ATS) ensures that jobs receive the right candidates and applications by employee referrals are transparent. This facilitates comprehensive reporting and helps you optimise your referral strategy. Ensure a continuous candidate and recruiter journey, from the initial job requisition until the candidate onboarding. Employees receive updates regarding the status of their referrals.

  • Job Requisition Management

  • Talent Pools

  • Job Board's Integration

  • Large volume filtering

  • Pre-Assessment Tests

  • Pre-Recorded Video Job Interviews

  • Share candidates in short listings

  • Cultural Fit

  • MBTI

  • DISC

  • Candidate Onboarding

  • Third-party integrations

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