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What Is People Analytics?

Big data in the recruitment operations

Recruiting teams can now make evidenced-based decisions rather than intuition-based. They can use real time data to measure how well they’re doing and set or adjust hiring strategies accordingly. Also, with reliable data, is possible to diagnose and fix issues in talent pipeline, improve recruiting performance and candidate experience. Recruiting efforts on strategic business goals can now be measurable.

Recruiting metrics made easy

JobConvo’s powerful Business Intelligence module enables recruiting teams to perform better

Recruiting analytics didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Hiring teams have been gathering information for years. What’s changed is that technology has made information gathering and analysis more detailed and reliable. 

The metrics hiring teams need for good strategy

Which sourcing platforms are sending the most qualified applicants? Job boards, company careers page, employee referrals, third-party recruiters, etc.
How long it takes to fill a position? It ends when a candidate accepts a position. In most cases it starts when a job ad goes live. But some companies count when a requisition is created.
How long it takes a candidate to move through your hiring process. Often used interchangeably with time-to-fill
The diversity of your talent pools.
What is the spending considering all the steps, and time, taken to fill a position
6Quality of hire
This one takes place after the hiring process and can involve things like performance reviews and/or how many candidates quit in their first year
7Conversion rates
The percentage of candidates that progress from one stage of the hiring process to the next.
8Candidate experience
How candidates perceive the overall hiring process according to the NPS (Net Promote Score)

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