It is very common for the period between a job offer received by the newly hired employee and the start date at the company to be longer than ideal, filled with anxiety and waiting. Thinking this way, the best way to prevent this prolonged period of anxiety is to keep the contractors engaged during that time.

The optimization of time in the integration of the new employee considering keeping him enthusiastic and with the desire to start as much in the company, will benefit both parties. Therefore, designing a digital admission process is the most effective way to do this.

Today we will talk about the digital admission process. What are your advantages and how to join. Check out.

Digital Onboarding: What is it?

Instead of spending the first few days filling out a series of forms and documentation with the new employee, why not do all this before it is literally integrated into the team?

Online integration, through a digital admission process, allows communication with new employees remotely, optimizing time. This way of communicating is not restricted to just before the new job contract starts to take effect, as it is possible to continue doing this integration throughout the first moment in the company, that is, there is no need to have a department or specific employees to carry out this process.

Keeping general information – such as HR, safety and health issues, for example, means that it is only necessary to create a resource for each person to be able to participate in digital Onboarding.

Through a deeper digital and documentary admission process, aimed at new employees, there will automatically be an elimination of confusion and doubts about what their responsibilities are.

Why invest in digital onboarding?

First of all, the digital admission process should be at the top of management trends and innovation priorities within the human resources sector of each and every company, simply because it adds value to the company as a whole.

In addition, this model of digital work, is totally rooted in the trends of technological advancement, giving a good sample of how much the human resources department can benefit from this type of investment.

This without addressing the issue that digital admission is a fundamental part of the concept of Smart HR, which is already known across the globe, and has been increasingly used by companies in different segments.

Main advantages of digital onboarding

After discovering what digital admission is and the reasons for investing in this type of technology, it is time to find out what its main advantages are. Come on?

More time

Although few people know, the process of hiring a new employee can take more time than opening a company in Brazil. According to a recent survey by IBOPE, the admission of a single employee can take up to 7 working days. To optimize this process and reduce the time spent, investing in technology is the best option.

With a recruiting software, it is possible to complete this procedure in a few hours.

The reason for this abrupt reduction in admission time is that with the use of systems and programs, there is no time wasted on minor routine tasks, which take time to be solved manually. In addition, if there is a problem with the documentation, the human resources department does not have to wait for the candidate to deliver the missing document.

In addition, when opting for a digital admission process, there is elimination of time spent searching and storing documents, which will always be available, requiring only a few clicks to be found.

Greater security

Incomplete admission kit, erroneously scanned files, problems with inadequate document transport and storage are classic examples of risks involved in a conventional admission process.

When opting for a digital admission process, traffic, document storage will be much safer.


HR is the first sector of a company with which the candidate has contact. Therefore, it is important that he has the best experience possible, from the recruitment process to the moment of his admission.

Self-admission, provided by digital admission, provides an innovative experience to employees from the beginning, making them feel part of the company.

In addition, this hiring model reduces costs for the new employee, since he does not have to pay for copies of documents, in addition to having to travel to the company to deliver the documentation.

Less paper

This is a striking feature of the digital admission process. When opting for a fully automated and online process, there is no longer a need for all that paperwork.

Tools that can be used in the digital admission process

All the stages of a digital admission process can count on the help of some technology, as long as the tools that can be used in this type of situation are known. We will now show the main ones.

Social networks

Social networks have become a great contact tool between companies and candidates. Currently, the main one is Linkedin, a network of professional connections, with more than 500 million users worldwide.

It is estimated that currently, more than 90% of higher education professionals are part of this social network, which makes it one of the best places to find qualified candidates, in addition to being able to evaluate resumes, publish vacancies, generate content and participate in discussion forums.

Cloud storage

The use of cloud storage is essential for a digital admission process. Through it, HR is able to keep all employee documents in an unlimited online space that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

The advantages of using clouds are many. The main one is space saving. As digital documents are stored on the web, there is no need to occupy the physical environment of the office with cabinets, bookcases or drawers, for example. Another benefit is information security, since physical documents are easier to be lost, violated and difficult to organize.

With cloud storage, there is no chance that a major contract will disappear and when HR needs a particular file, it will be there, ready to be accessed in a virtual environment, properly protected and easily accessible.

Digital signatures

Digital admission also involves creating natural digital files. Documents that are originally designed in a virtual environment without the need for a physical version.

In these cases, the digital signature is a tool that guarantees the legal validity of this documentation, allowing them to be used as evidence in eventual legal actions. This type of technology uses cryptography and links a digital certificate to the document that has been signed, thus attesting to its authenticity.

Recruitment software

And finally, we have the recruitment and selection software that can (and should) be part of this process, since through them it is possible to create vacancies, attract candidates, filter information and increase the assertiveness of a selection process. All of this in a remote, online and functional way.

What are the steps of digital admission?

After all this, there may still be some kind of doubt about the functioning of the digital admission process, so we will now show you all the steps of digital admission.

Submission of documentation

It is the candidate who initiates the admission process. He inserts all the information requested for the company and sends, via mobile, photos of all documents requested by HR without the need to travel.

Analysis of submitted documentation

After sending the documents by the candidate, the admission tool checks and validates all information sent by the future employee.

Information gathering

During the entire selection stage, HR gathers all information centrally in one place. Allowing candidates to follow in real time the progress of admissions.


This is the final part of the digital admission process. After selecting candidates and gathering information about them, it is time for the company to make a decision, which may be hiring or not admitting a specific candidate (s).

The positive part of this digital decision-making is that the system issues a warning to candidates who have not been hired, leaving them without an answer.

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