Retaining new talent for the organization is always a challenge, isn’t it? Getting people interested in working at your company and participating in the selection process is not as simple as it seems.

A good talent strategy involves many components, people and actions. Ensuring effective collaboration between managers and a strong employer brand with low employee turnover is one of the successful formulas for talent management.

Today we’ll talk about it and show you tips for easier strategies. Check out.

Talent management: What is it?

In general, we can define talent management, as a set of specific actions, which aim to make the work of a company’s teams viable, so that they reach their maximum potential.

This performance includes, not only the organization of bureaucratic issues, but also the adoption of measures aimed at career development, engagement and motivation of professionals.

Principles of talent management

A complete talent management strategy, has the following points as principles:

  • Attraction and recruitment;
  • Learning and development;
  • Values ​​and organizational vision;
  • Career path;
  • Competency-based management.

How easy it is to notice. The start of an adequate talent management, must occur even before the step that precedes the hiring of employees, starting with the thought of attracting talents.

Reasons to do talent management

Once you understand what talent management is and its principles, it’s time to learn the reasons for its adoption.

Strengthening the organizational culture

Through talent management, it is possible to attract professionals who do not work aiming only at salary. With this, it is possible to attract those who have the same ideas, principles, values, thus contributing to the strengthening of the organizational culture as a whole.

Increased motivation

Quality talent management is able to provide the support needed for employees to act to their full potential. As a natural consequence, the result of this goes beyond just performance, reflecting an increase in motivation and productivity.

Attracting new talent

Talent management is able to attract the best professionals in the market, both in terms of qualification and performance. A talent management set up through a good strategy, strengthens the brand identity with customers and professionals, naturally attracting the best in terms of human material.

Resource savings

Talent management guarantees HR more assertive hiring. When selecting and recruiting the right employees, turnover rates decrease, generating a natural saving of company resources.

Achieving more expressive results

With quality talent management, there is a natural improvement in the performance of the company as a whole. Thus, generating a more expressive results for the corporation.

5 Strategies for managing talent

After delving into the subject, you should certainly be curious to know how to manage talent in the best possible way, right? Well, that’s what we’ll show you now.

1. Implement Employer Branding in your organization

Employer Branding is a strategy to strengthen the employer brand that comes with increasing strength. When done correctly, it ends up becoming a reference company that arouses the will of market professionals. Thus, qualified and talented professionals start to compete for available places.

In addition to using this strategy to attract the most qualified professionals in the market, be consistent with the company’s values ​​and pillars. It is the time for HR to meet with Marketing, to ensure that recruiters are engaged and that the company and employees share the company’s message.

2. Use selective Process Management software

By using recruitment and selection software that manages your selection processes, it helps to optimize and organize the recruitment of new talents. The technology involved with artificial intelligence and the ease of managing the entire selection process up to digital admission on a single platform is an effective solution for your talent management.

3. Ensure a good candidate experience

In recruiting, the candidate’s experience counts for a lot. A candidate who has a bad experience during the selection process can end up affecting the reputation of the employing brand.

Recruiters must align with managers what professional profiles, expectations and job requirements are. Set deadlines and schedules. Everyone should understand that this organization is fundamental to the hiring process.

The selection process well done – through qualified screening, interviews with the right people, tests that match the vacancy, constant communication between recruiters and candidates are factors that result in the success of a selection process, even if not having final approval

4. Always pay attention to the fundamental HR metrics

Recruiters need data to analyze and understand the behavior of candidates and contractors. Several metrics are essential to improve your talent management, such as: time to hire, newly hired turnover, hiring cost. But be sure to understand what these metrics mean and that quality is more important than quality.

The best way to help your team succeed is to ensure that your Recruitment and Selection software provides this information to save time. Over time, complete selection process management software is able to show various data that are fundamental for the optimization and improvement of selection processes.

5. Invest in Training and Development

Companies that invest in their employees and understand that training their talents make them feel more valued as professionals. Courses, specializations, graduations, workshops are ways to invest in your own employee. There are still organizations that think that investing in the development of their employees will make them look for other places to work, an old and wrong thought.

For efficient talent management, it must be understood that recruitment is the job of everyone in the company, not just HR. Therefore, share the responsibility between the teams and the employees involved throughout the process.

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