What is the role of the strategic role of the human resources area for the company?

The main strategic role of a company’s human resources area is the employer-employee relationship.

However, there is more to this work than many people realize. Human resources professionals formulate workforce strategy and determine the functional processes needed to meet organizational goals. Their work requires experience as an HR generalist, which means they must be familiar with all human resources disciplines.

Role of rh in modern organizations

Like virtually every other department, human resources have changed tremendously over the years, mainly because of the technology increasingly present in business routines.

Today, HR has increasingly involved technology in its functions. From recruiting new talent to digital admission and routine human resources tools.

What HR does: Roles and Activities

1- Recruitment and selection of Personnel

When the company feels the need to include a professional to perform a certain function, the process of recruitment and selection of personnel begins.

When the opening of the selection process is allowed, recruiters should elaborate the requirements, job description to start looking for new talent.

With online recruitment, companies have been implementing Recruitment and Selection software such as JobConvo to assist in online recruitment.

During the process, the HR team selects the candidates, tests, arranges interviews, and sends the proposed letter when one is selected.

2- HR Management Policies

The Human Resources policy aims to establish rules for staff performance in accordance with the company’s strategic plan. It refers to the ways in which the organization deals with its employees and varies according to the organizational culture.

The HR policy helps employees feel part of the team and valued as important pieces for the company.

3- Training and Development

No matter the position, virtually all new hires will have to learn at least some job skills.

In addition, even if someone has been in business for a decade, new technologies appear, and suddenly that person has to adapt to the news within the company.

HR is responsible for ensuring that employees have the tools and knowledge to succeed in their jobs. In addition, HR professionals can open their eyes to other professional development opportunities that may present themselves – and share them with the team and always encourage talent development.

4 – Employee Engagement

HR staff can also play a role in ensuring employees are engaged and motivated.

Constant feedback, be open to listen to complaints and suggestions from employees and pass on to their managers, satisfaction surveys, internal actions in the company such as events, birthday reminder. These are just some actions that HR professionals can do to have a constant engagement with employees and make them feel valued in their work environment.

5 – Employer Branding

Nowadays, besides attracting customers, companies have to attract the best talent. Companies vie for nominations for better places to work and ultimately influence their overall image. For this, the company must invest its efforts to promote an attractive organizational culture.

For example, everyone has an impression that Google would be an amazing company to work with. In addition to the world famous product, they do not measure their efforts in Employer branding, publicizing how offices are and how they do everything to keep their employees motivated.

The Employer branding It is an attraction strategy to generate a positive market perception of the organization as a work environment and to attract new talent.

6 – Evaluation and improvements

Making a constant assessment of how the company is doing as a whole, individual evaluations with each employee and better understanding the quality of work within the organization is critical. Find ways for management improvements and innovations to prioritize employee well-being.

HR functions and personnel department: differences

Many people think HR and Personnel Department are the same functions.

Human Resources Management Functions in Companies

HR is the area that is responsible for the selection, adaptation and work environment of employees.

It is the sector responsible for recruitment and selection, finding the professionals who have the cultural fit of the company and fit the requirements of a vacancy. In addition, they do work focused on interpersonal relationships within the work environment, always focused on maintaining a pleasant environment, motivating to encourage employees to like where they work and reduce the turnover of the company.

Functions of Department personnel in the organization

The personal department (or DP) of a company is responsible for every bureaucratic part of each employee. From employee hiring, salary payment, transportation, vacation, sick leave, 13th Salary, organization of working hours and Contractual Termination of employees.

You now have a broader view of the many possibilities that the Human Resources department can implement and add to your organization. This area is critical to getting your employees encouraged, engaged and motivated within their work environment. 

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