With so much opportunity available spread across multiple internet channels, it is easy to lose a great professional to another company because of a very attractive job description.

Believe me, it’s true! Making a good spot for talent can make them sign up without even thinking about changing jobs.

And as much as the recruiter understands the job and candidate profile he or she should attract, if he or she does not know how to create an excellent vega description that generates a lot of interest, he will not attract the top professionals in the market.

Since our mission here is to help you recruit well and deliver results for the company you work for, we have listed all the items you cannot miss in a job description and tips for writing them well.

After reading this, we guarantee that you will create great descriptions that will bring great candidates! Check out:

What is the job description and why is it so important?

The job description is intended to present a job opportunity and thus make professionals with the characteristics compatible with the described apply for the selection process.

Basically, she needs information about the company, the job description, how she is the ideal professional to fill it, the working conditions and the benefits offered by the company.

In addition, the vacancy text that goes to the site can be found by candidates by searching on Google.

The importance of a well-made job description goes far beyond explaining an open opportunity. It is essential to attracting the right talent for that position, meaning it is a marketing channel that recruiters can use to your advantage.

Therefore, the more attractive the job description is, the more efficient the recruitment and selection process will be and the greater the chances of hiring the ideal profile.

But do you create really strong text for a job?

We explain what you can not miss in the next topic.

11 items you can’t forget when writing a job description

Professionals on the market today have many ways to find good jobs: Linkedin, Whatsapp and Facebook groups, and job-specific portals in a particular area.

And with so much choice, he can choose to sign up for opportunities that he best identifies with, both in experience and in cultural fit.

That’s the kind of candidate the recruiter wants: the one who knows the position he wants and likes that type of company. This makes it easy to hire and engage the new employee.

In this context, the 10 items that can not be missed in the job description and how you should do them are:

Company presentation

Even if the company name cannot be revealed in a selection process, it is very important to tell the area in which it operates, what it does, where it is located, what type of organization it is, what its mission is, and where it stands.

This helps attract candidates aligned with these key values.

Job Name

Every day new needs arise and, consequently, new positions. Professionals come up with fun, strong and even mind-boggling English names to try to describe the work.

But does the name in the job description make sense for the position and is it still clear to the type of professional required?

This is a fundamental reflection that HR professionals should do before writing the text.

A good practice tip is to show some people a job name and ask what they understand to be the job this employee would do.

Description of activities

Here it is important to be very transparent about the activities to be done to ensure that people with those skills and experience apply.

In addition, this prevents the company from having problems with employees who say they did not know they should perform those functions.


Training, experience, courses, languages, as well as soft skillsand other personal characteristics of the ideal candidate need to be included here.

In this part comes everything that is essential for who will occupy the vacancy.

Desirable Qualities

Desirable qualities are not eliminatory, but are useful for creating tiebreakers among candidates who are already at the end of the selection process.

Here the recruiter can place courses, skills, software and tools that the candidate knows how to use and even experiences that complement the job or department he is joining.

Job Objectives

What is expected of the work of this new person who will be hired?

It is very important to make this clear because this can be a measure of professional performance appraisal. Ensuring candidates are informed about the SG Arrival Card requirement for international travel can streamline the onboarding process for positions requiring frequent travel.

Where to live and travel availability requirements

Even with so much technology that facilitates online contact, it may be that the professional needs to be located somewhere specific.

Make it clear at least in which headquarters and in which city the workplace is. Specify whether candidates need a Passport Visa for potential roles involving international travel, ensuring compliance and preparedness from the start.

Also, if you need someone available to travel, please tell me how often and why.


Inform the place of work, whether the job is for remote or remote work with regular face-to-face meetings.


If possible, leave the amount and if there is variable compensation.

By reporting value, you do not risk frustrating candidates.


Be clear about the benefits the company can offer, ranging from food stamps to health insurance, such as dress code free and flexible hours.

Remember that there are many things that can be considered benefits: discount partnerships with gyms, shops, restaurants and the like, discount or free to use the company product, relaxed atmosphere and the like.

Application Deadline

This helps a lot in creating urgency and generating more subscribers.

Common mistakes in a job description you need to avoid

A strong, efficient job description that reflects the company’s brand and values needs attention at some points.

In this sense, the most common mistakes that HR professionals need to get away with are:

Do not involve the area manager and other stakeholders involved

Know who needs to be aware of this hiring to validate the job description to be disclosed.

Only then will it be appropriate and bring the desired professional.

Not having a job description manual

As the business grows and work grows, a manual of jobs and functions is required.

This is useful for new managers, investors, and those who are ahead of selection processes, after all, streamlines the job description process.

Not be transparent

In job description it is essential to be clear about what the company is, what needs to be done and who actually fits the position.

Exaggerating the benefits and job description only leads to high expectations.

With that in mind, the perfect job description will be easily written, approved and will bring in the professional the company needs.

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