What is Inbound Recruiting?

Inbound Recruiting is a technique for attracting qualified candidates who identify with your company. It is a method of creating content targeted to the type of professional you are trying to reach for the great purpose of Employer Branding recognition and engagement with future employees of the organization.

Inbound Recruiting resembles Inbound Marketing’s strategy, so many say it’s HR’s encounter with Marketing. This technique makes businesses attract consumers through Google’s content marketing, social networking and search results. The goal of Inbound Recruiting is to attract and engage qualified candidates and convert into job openings and increase your talent pool with higher quality.

Inbound Marketing: Origin of Attraction Marketing

To understand the concept of Inbound Recruiting, you need to understand where Inbound Marketing, translated as Attraction Marketing, came from.

With digital transformation, companies have had to innovate and find new methods to attract and retain their customers. This is how Inbound Marketing was created.

As mentioned earlier, Inbound Marketing is a strategy of attracting potential customers using relevant content for your audience.

People who consume your content have a great chance of being interested in your product or service and allow the company to come closer to give you a chance to create a relationship that is likely to result in a sale.

In short, Inbound Marketing is the strategy where the company attracts the customer until it is attracted to your message.

Marketing and HR: Advantages of this Connection

Several sectors of a company have common goals and can bring greater results when they intersect. One of the junctions that has been increasingly common is that of Marketing and HR.

These two sectors have common goals, even if they are executed in different ways. A great example is the fact that both want to engage people.

In HR, the focus is on the organization’s internal audience. As a goal, they are looking for ways to bring about employee satisfaction, quality of work, decreased turnover rate, higher productivity and motivation. This is in a way that employees feel valued and always look for the best ways to achieve and exceed results.

In Marketing, the external audience is the focus. A way to attract new customers, build stronger relationships with existing customers, improve reputation and image to become a reference and be at the top of your audience’s mind.

You already realized how it is possible for the two to intersect, right?

Marketing and HR can join forces and create different types of actions to increase retention of your talent, invest in Employer Branding, internal marketing and use key business pieces in campaigns for outside audiences.

Inbound Recruiting: How to Implement

  • Create the ideal employee profile

Draw the ideal profile by assessing your organization’s values, pillars, mission, and vision. Different positions have different profiles of people, but the key is to establish the values and organizational culture to find what is common and what the employee needs to possess to fit the company beyond the technical skills.

  • Know where your talents are

By charting the ideal profile, you will better understand where to find this type of contributor. Create strategies to reach this type of professional where they are. Design a compelling career page and post your social media jobs that are most used by the type of professional you want in your organization.

  • Contact

When you have information from these people, get in touch with interesting information to attract and arouse the desire to join your staff.

  • Keep a relationship

Even if you have not been selected for a selection process, maintain a relationship with potential candidates. Send jobs that fit his profile, interesting content about the company to keep your organization as an option.

Inbound Recruitment: Attraction Recruitment Steps

There are 4 stages of attraction recruitment: attraction, application, hiring and engagement.


As already mentioned in the name, this is the time to attract the candidates. This requires creating compelling content for potential candidates.

  • Ideally, start by investing in the careers page. Often, job vacancy links redirect directly to this page. So, it is important to have this portal attractive and designed to encourage the willingness to apply for a position in the organization. Optimize the page with the company’s mission, vision and values, testimonials from current employees and the benefits that are offered.
  • Social networks are a great source of attraction. It is important to share interesting content beyond the vacancies. Try to spread interesting information that will make people want to join the organization.Job vacancy sites, college vacancy portals, and other media should be used to increase your visibility.


  • You have already managed to attract the candidates, now is the time to ensure that they will submit the application. Provide user-friendly mobile friendly pages and forms so there is no shortcut to submitting your application and lose interest.


  • Your candidates are already part of the selection process. Now is the time to maintain a good relationship and communication throughout the process.
  • Have a talent bank and maintain the habit of personal feedback to improve the selection process experience.


  • Keep professionals motivated during the selection process.
  • If professionals have a good experience during the selection process, they will certainly tell colleagues who have the potential to make potential employees of your organization in the future.

Benefits of Inbound Recruitment for the Organization

With inbound recruitment, you have the ability to reach a large number of candidates at the same time. This can lead to qualified professional applications, assertive hires and reduced turnover rate.

In addition, the timing of the selection process will be optimized through accurate disclosure and qualified job applications. Thus, recruitment and selection will be of higher quality and effectiveness.

Your organization’s reputation will become more positive. The organization will have greater visibility in the market, will be sought by professionals and will understand the needs of the market and align with the benefits it proposes to future employees.

Inbound Recruiting will bring countless advantages to your Recruitment and Selection process, attract qualified candidates and optimize your time with this strategy!

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