Applicant Tracking System: What is it?

Applicant Tracking System is the candidate tracking system software that provides recruitment and selection tools for companies.

When the applicant applies to an online job opening for companies using ATS, the resume does not go directly to the recruiter. The recruiter will see the resume after being optimized by ATS algorithms.

Companies choose to use this type of tool because instead of recruiters and managers being left with their inboxes unattended, ATS technology keeps the selection processes more organized, efficient and more accessible.

With the ease of applying for jobs online, many applicants try to apply for jobs that are unskilled. With ATS, the tool already provides a filter for recruiters to know which resumes they should see, decreasing the time spent by recruiters looking at profiles that do not fit the job opening.

It is important to emphasize that the use of this type of tool is focused on the search of candidates, to optimize the hiring, the communication between the HR and professionals, to divulge the vacancies and the digital admission with the digitalization of documents. 

ATS: Recruitment and Selection

The ATS, or rather Applicant Tracking System is the candidate tracking system. Software technology is used from job application to hiring. It assists with the screening of resumes by delivering the most qualified applicants for a job and their information quickly.

Many people may confuse software with CRM, but their focus is on the candidate search feature. The software tracks where the candidate applies, collects information, and posts jobs across different job channels and portals.

Recruiters use keywords to find the most important information in applicants’ resumes. CVs are tracked quickly and the system delivers those that make the most sense for the filters placed for the search.

Implementing an ATS in recruiting and selecting a company reduces unnecessary costs, selection process time, and resource shortages.

Features that the Candidate Tracking System Offers

On our official website of JobConvo, we go into more detail all the features that ATS offers. Here, we highlight some of the main ones:

Resume Screening

With the ability to extract information and cross-check data between received companies, vacancies and resumes, ranking intelligence ensures that the highest potential candidates will always be featured in the selection process. Optimizing your time to look through all resumes.

Video interviews

Possibility to do video conference interviews or interviews on recorded videos. In recorded videos, the recruiter conducts an interview with up to 10 structured questions where the candidate must answer in video format. The recruiter can share the answers with their other colleagues.

Mobile apps

The ability of candidates to participate in mobile selection processes, including video functions.

Digital Admission

Digitally hired process of hiring professionals through photo delivery and digital signature that eliminates inconsistencies in e-social.


Use reports to better understand the performance of your recruitment and selection processes. You will understand the sources from which the best candidates come from, the average process time and other data.

Advantages of the Candidate Tracking System for the Organization

Each job opening in a company requires a lot of time from recruiters throughout the recruitment and selection process. In a manual selection process, screening resumes takes up more than half of recruiters’ time. With a system that assists in this, it drops to less than 10 seconds to review a resume.

In the manual process, there may be so many resumes that recruiters end up dropping some qualified candidates for lack of time. Thus, the software optimizes the process time and finds the best candidates.

In addition to screening, job openings in the best channels for finding company profile professionals, resume ranking, job requirement management, all these processes made by the tool are optimized.

Through the reports, recruiters have a better view of how the selection process is going, what are the main channels of attracting candidates, the average time of a process for a particular job.

The candidate’s experience of being able to make selection process steps via mobile makes it more attractive, accessible and enjoyable for potential process candidates.

Now that you know more about ATS, how about taking a look at the our site to better understand what this software can bring to your selection process?

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