Several endeavors still have problems recruiting their employees and are hampered by this selection process. The fact is, talent selection has always stood out as quite a challenge. Therefore, the mistakes during the recruitment and selection process are common today, especially in relation to competitiveness and labor market demands.

The interesting thing has always been to reevaluate the methodologies and resources that the company adopts when seeking its employees. It is a way of making adjustments to errors and contingencies so that selection and recruitment are more assertive. In fact, it is not just about the competitor presenting excellent performance, but everyone involved in this process.

What are the errors during the selection process?

There are some very common mistakes during this recruitment process. Check out the main ones:

Precariousness of integrated tools

In certain situations, these errors occur precisely due to the lack of specific and high performance tools that optimize activities or lack of knowledge about their management.

Not all systems have integration, efficiency and functionality. Yet, not all enterprises make use of selection and recruitment systems. They need to be intuitive, easy to use, without the need for training that causes exhaustion, which assists in the standardization of care among several employees and the promotion of the entrepreneurial brand.

Bank of disqualified talent

Software that aggregates a talent bank is certainly a facilitator at the time of selection. However, having only personal information, with training and the experience of competitors is sometimes not enough for decision making. Therefore, it is important to consider testing and, above all, star rating for assertiveness.

Qualifying competitors is essential for process optimization that may take longer than the entire selection process – screening.

Careers page with poor elaboration

The venture career page is sometimes unique and the first contact the competitor will have when applying for the opportunity. This power is high and essential to achieving success – or not achieving it – in a selection process.

If it is simple, with little explanation or poor elaboration, it may turn away, rather than attracting good competitors, because it ends up giving a negative image to the company’s brand.

No behavioral profile mapping

Understanding what, in fact, motivates the competitor, their strengths, as well as the possible limitations, interpersonal, communicative preference style and the like are just some of the aspects that can address the behavioral profile.

The mapping is relevant and makes the major safety factor conducive to the selection of the competitor to have a contract, in order to portray the behavior of the individual in the act of performing the service.

You can choose between the manual category or the easiest software category in recruitment and selection processes, without leaving the individual behavioral profile mapping aside.

Interruption Permission

In the same way that the venture can make the dedication and focus required of future employees, it is necessary to start the process by being an example. So don’t allow interruptions throughout the interview and set your phone to silent.

If you are awaiting the return of superiors, it is imperative that you alert the candidate of the possibility of interruption early in the interview by apologizing if this happens.

What consequences do these errors have for the company and the candidate?

There are certain situations resulting from a recruitment error that can cause harm to the company and the applicant. Check out:

Low employee production

Errors in contracts directly contribute to the increase of turnover of the enterprise. The consequence of this is the people management tools that do not present the expected action, because the team is assiduously restructuring.

This means that introducing a collaborator in initial training makes the process slow, and the results are increases in procedural errors. Thus, for those who seek always positive results, there is, in fact, an employee who is overloaded due to having to handle the service that others could not do.

A weak organizational culture

Presenting a group that can understand the values of the company and always seek knowledge based on missions and organizational vision, is essential to make the internal culture legitimate, ensuring the harmony between employees.

In parallel, while the employee makes a wrong contract, the culture gets weak. The reason for this is that inserting an individual who does not share the same goals and objectives as others can cause disruption and harm to the company’s balance.

Negative image of the company

The market is able to constantly search for identification of the best professional areas. Considering this fact, the high turnover of the company can get you out of this listing.

If you see no reason to be in this ranking, be aware that it effectively assists in attracting better professionals to the most outstanding enterprises. Thus, maintaining a good image is essential, as the negativity for the brand makes selection difficult and scares skilled professionals.

How to avoid failures in the selection process?

The key, therefore, is to understand the appreciation of employees so that they can help spread the positive image of the company. Of course, having a thorough recruitment process can be essential to avoid headaches later.

You can avoid all these inconveniences, while HR management coherently plans its selection process and invests in tools that value and develop its employees.

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