Evolution, this should be the guiding keyword for every organization, isn’t it? Even in the face of market developments, it is common for companies to hold information and arrest employees for necessity rather than motivation and delivery. Many businesses are stuck in stable monthly revenue, without major variations and apexes, because they believe that the way they are operating the money is coming in and settling into sameness.

Training and developing people is the simplest, fastest and most practical way for companies to be successful in carrying out activities, internal growth and business expansion. Made up of people, the organization needs to prioritize its human capital, so that it can take advantage of each individual’s particularity, developing the right points to lead it to growth.

Training an individual enables him to develop skills and gain knowledge about areas of which he has difficulty. Development is a consequence of training. Personal development is the fuel employees need to achieve professional dreams and help the company achieve its goals.

Many companies still have great difficulty enforcing internal training and personal development policies. But in this article we will show that these measures are more effective and simple than they seem and, moreover, can be implemented quickly and easily, with organization and planning. Keep up!


What is training and development of people?

The big question in organizations is what one might consider training and personal development. What we need to understand is that training is nothing more than the imparting of specific work-related knowledge, attitudes through organization, task and environment, as well as skill development.

The training can cover 4 strands:

  1. Information transmission: sharing information among trainees as a set of knowledge;
  2. Skills development: mainly skills, competencies and knowledge directly related to the current position or future occupations;
  3. Development or modification of attitudes: change from negative to more favorable attitudes and increased motivation;
  4. Concept development: raising the level of ideas.

Training is the means by which the company uses to develop employees. That is, the development of people is linked to it, but at the same time is not limited to training. Development aims to improve the employee’s quality of life, leading them to develop personal skills, contributing to the construction of human knowledge and the realization of dreams and aspirations.

People development can lead the individual to acquire:

  • Self-awareness;
  • Self knowledge;
  • Improve or develop new skills;
  • Build or renew identity or self-esteem;
  • Develop strengths;
  • Improve the style or quality of life;
  • Define and execute personal development plans;
  • Better social skills.

The training and development of people can be directed to the most diverse goals. With this, its format and obtained result are molded according to the needs of the organization and the employees. Through them it is possible to obtain information transmission, skill development, attitude development and concept development.

Training and People Development: Concept

In order to have a better understanding of the concept of training and development, we need to understand the goals of such. Training and developing an individual is nothing more than preparing him or her for the immediate execution of the various tasks of the current or future position. In addition, we can point out that these techniques ultimately provide opportunities for continuous personal development.

Training and people development provides the company and its employees with the ability of an individual not to become stagnant, that is, to develop not only for the current position, but also for other functions for which he may be considered.

Through the right training and development techniques, it is possible to change people’s attitudes. Making it possible to create a more satisfying atmosphere among employees, increasing motivation and making the individual and the place more receptive.

Types of training and people development

The types of training are linked to their purpose. Each company needs to analyze its staff, identifying what their deficits are and the area they need to reach first.

Organization and planning are essential for the company to be successful in its performance. For this, it is necessary to study the types and areas in which it is possible to train and develop the staff, to later apply the appropriate measures.

Keep reading and find out in which areas the company can operate!

Communication Development

One of the main gaps, communication within organizations has become one of the biggest impediments to the smooth running of organizational processes. Thus, the company that performs this type of training is ahead of the others. Importantly, it has the power to positively transform business reality.

Objective: To develop and improve employee communication skills. Improving oratory, taking actions to develop clear and objective communication in meetings, presentations, instant messaging, emails, among other means.

Leadership Development

This training aims to further explore the leadership skills of employees, especially those in management positions. Through such training, the company has the opportunity to offer greater capacity for leaders to manage and administer people and processes.

Objective: Achieve the best performance of managers, directly impacting the climate and organizational culture, motivating and encouraging each employee, in favor of common goals.

Maintain Motivation

This type of training aims to keep employees properly motivated to work for the organization.

Objective: To invest in training aimed at constantly motivating employees.

Skills and Skills Development

This type of training is aimed at companies seeking to help their employees improve their core competencies and skills.

Objective: Increased productivity and proactivity. In addition to improvement in the organization of the routine, among others.

People training and development methodology

After choosing the training area, the company needs to define the methodology to be used. Here managers are responsible for structuring and organizing information. In addition, good planning, speaker definition and group division are required.

Training and Development Steps

For training and development it is necessary for the company to perform a:

  • Organizational analysis: with a study of the company as a whole, its mission, its objectives and its resources. From this, establish a company-wide training philosophy;
  • Human Resources Analysis: Verify that human resources are sufficiently quantitative and qualitatively sufficient for the current and future activities of the organization;
  • Operations and Task Analysis: Determine what types of behavior employees must exhibit to perform their job functions effectively.


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