HR Tech is a terminology that is characterized as a Human Resources trend. This strategy seeks to eliminate the bureaucracy of processes pertinent to this area.

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What are HR Techs?

HR Tech is a concept that aims to streamline HR through software that allows employees to have various strategies.

Therefore, this concept of HR Tech can not only be summed up with software and technology, but also with the change of mindset and the company’s own culture that is currently able to reach the most varied sectors of the market, revolutionize the active model of companies.

HR Tech is an abbreviation for Human Resources Technology, ie “Human Resources Technology”. That is, it aims to increase the efficiency and intelligence of the area. The software automates processes and digitizes HR industry activities.

Access to software that has this technology provides greater agility in digital solution, working in internal relationships.

HR tech can be used in all processes in the HR industry. With process improvement, this technology provides increased efficiency and intelligence in the industry by connecting professionals with the best candidates. In addition, acts in process management, support tool for recruitment and selection, Employer branding, among other features. This makes it possible to increase process efficiency by eliminating errors and waste from the human resources sector.

What are HR techs in Brazil?

There are some HR Techs who can help a lot in the selection and recruitment process, as well as the various HR functions. Check it out below.

JobConvo: Company specialized in technology for Human Resources

This tool is completely complete and easy to use. She creates requisitions, customizes and automates process phases, shares opportunities and vacancies across multiple channels, applies technical testing, and fits Fit Cultural with application behavior trends.

In addition, Jobconvo’s HR Tech enables the HR manager to perform video interviewing, reporting and digital admissions analysis. Advantages of this HR technology include:

  • Fit Cultural Analysis;
  • Customizable Technical Tests;
  • Incredible Careers Pages;
  • Use of artificial intelligence
  • OCR to assist in e-social inconsistency;
  • Video Structured Interviews.


Solutions that Brazilian HR Techs Offer

The solutions and main tools offered by HR Techs in Brazil are as follows:

Application Source

These are the platforms on which candidates create their profiles and may have contact from companies or apply for available opportunities.

This makes it easier to hire talent because companies can access many resumes by filtering them according to job requirements.

Processes management

These are the software that promote the optimization of administrative processes that refer to the recruitment and selection of employees.

They automate the processes as screening, improving internal communication and applications, enabling the building of a talent bank of excellence.

Supporting tool to recruit and select

These are roles that make it easier to recruit and select talent. The tool assists through chatbots, gamification, cultural fit, video resumes and the like.

Employer Brand

This is a strategy that looks at promoting the company’s image as an employer. This helps the company to be recognized as a great place to work and is able to attract top talent.

Operation and management

It is part of HR Techs and often automates or facilitates some daily management activities. This tool helps you stay focused on higher productivity and lower cost HR work. Other options target employee welfare improvements.

Production and culture

They are tools of segmentation of culture, engagement and climate; developments and training; performance and feedback. They assist the company in developing more engaged and skilled employees.


What do HR techs bring about improvement for corporate HR?

Thus, there is the aid in innovation, cost reduction, increased efficiency, process intelligence in the HR sector. For this reason, in this situation, technological transformation promotes aid and facilitates innovation in the area.

This is due to improvements in time management, enabling the development of more strategies. Therefore, the result can be analyzed in two of the largest global ventures: Facebook and Google.

With the help of HR Tech, positioning human resources teams together with the enterprise area to enable them not only to anticipate problems but also to enable innovative thinking for all areas of the company.

Each company has unique character in various characteristics. Their values, mission, culture, vision are just some of them. The uniqueness of certain items, as well as culture, can go beyond the venture, considering the specific area.

However, certain qualities of HR Tech impact the whole company in a very positive way. For example, we can mention process integration, possible meetings and metric analysis.

In addition, it is able to enhance employees’ experiences as a whole, enabling HR to have greater strategy and assertiveness in their activities.

If you want to make your company successful and stand out with a minimum of red tape, the ideal is to make use of JobConvo’s HR Tech in order to propose improvements for the industry!

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