Imagine a system that helps the human resources professional easily find the right candidate with the skills and cultural fit desired by the company. This is already possible thanks to artificial intelligence in recruitment and selection applied in software.

This type of technology is able to analyze and rank candidates, their resumes and tests from what the organization needs, thus creating business intelligence by having the same vision as a human being would have.

And you needn’t worry if you believe artificial intelligence in recruitment and selection can replace a qualified HR professional today. This is a technology that exists to replace dull work and allow practitioners to focus on the strategic part of the activities.

Interested? Keep reading to understand all about artificial intelligence in HR.

Artificial intelligence: what is it?

By definition, artificial intelligence (also known as AI) is an area of technology that creates solutions that mimic the human ability to do things like decide, solve problems, analyze and perceive.

However, this ability to be artificially intelligent needs people to calibrate an AI-based system. It is a human being who follows the initial deliveries to tell a machine or software whether something makes sense or not. Once well-configured, artificial intelligence automatically acts as dictated to deliver results.

And this is not a thing of the future. It is our reality.

Today artificial intelligence is already part of many areas of our lives, including computer programs, games, medical programs, data interpretation programs, precision agriculture software, and even services. streaming we use, such as Youtube and Netflix, indicating the videos we are most likely to like.

AI, of course, is present in other areas, as well as in people management.

Artificial intelligence in HR

Do you know the uses of artificial intelligence in human resources?

AI in the selection processes and people management routine can be used to:

  • analyze resumes and list them according to who has the most affinity for the job;
  • indicate which candidates enrolled in a selection process are most likely to be hired by comparing them with the current employee profile;
  • warn when someone’s vacation date is approaching;
  • automatically notify employees of overtime limits, payments made and other specific needs;
  • identify the need for training for a group of people;
  • performance analysis and employee motivation.

It does not stop there! Artificial intelligence in recruitment, as well as in human resource management of companies, is in broad development to further empower this area within organizations.

How does artificial intelligence help in recruitment?

Speaking specifically of artificial intelligence in recruitment, she can leave professionals free to meet candidates, rather than spending a lot of time reading resumes.

And anyone who works in this area knows: many resumes are sent without the candidate having the slightest affinity for the vacancy!

Because of this, many companies already apply artificial intelligence in recruitment. The following explains how.

Application of artificial intelligence in recruiting

Artificial intelligence in a selection process can be used in three ways:

Selective Process Management

Here, this technology applies by providing screening of resumes according to the specifications of the organization and the position in question.

By matching the information provided by the company with what is in the resumes received, the software is able to rank the candidates with the most potential to be the best for the advertised position.

Thus, AI saves recruiter time and increases assertiveness in talent selection.

List the best candidates in the selection process

Artificial intelligence in recruitment is very useful for classifying a candidate in the selection process by analyzing his or her resume, interview responses and test results (technical, personality and cultural fit).

A system that does this is able to deliver to the HR professional a list of candidates in order of greater compatibility with what the company is looking for.

After that, human intelligence comes in to define among the best options who should be chosen.

Digital admission

With this role, in addition to allowing the management of temporary employee contracts, HR can also onboard new employees digitally.

As this is a very important subject for those looking for recruiting software, we detail it below.

How does digital admission work?

Digital admission is a process that begins shortly after hiring a new employee or temporary employee.

And as every human resources professional knows, this is a crucial time for adapting and aligning a person in the company. Therefore, failures make a not-so-positive first impression.

In short, digital admission covers 3 steps:

Digital onboarding

Where you can create custom assignments for the new team member, have less work with E-Social (as systems like JobConvo accurately scan documents via OCR) and even have admission templates so you don’t have to submit needs every time you hire someone.

Because you will be automating much of the process, you will stop doing bureaucratic and repetitive tasks. Which is great for you to devote to your best work!

Online letter with digital signature

To easily submit an opportunity proposal and have all the data clear to the candidate who can sign it online.

Temporary Management

Which brings the alerts of contracts that will expire so that you act on time, deciding whether to renew or not.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Admission

Digital admission brings the following advantages to HR departments:

  • Efficiency: Because processes are automated, there are no questions or errors in submitting tasks and announcements.
  • Saves time:since much of onboarding management is preprogrammed. That way, the recruiter doesn’t have to stop important tasks to send an email to the newly hired employee.
  • Good candidate experience: once he receives organized information that will help him adjust to his new job.

Doing digital onboarding brings benefits to both company and contractor. And for the HR professional too!

Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting: How to Choose Software for Your Business

An artificial intelligence system in recruiting that makes a difference in your work is one that is complete, easy to use and designed by those who understand human resources.

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